Hair Inspiration: Bangs

Growing my bangs out was a very difficult decision to make. I absolutely luuurved having bangs. When I moved to South Texas I did my very best to maintain them, but no matter what I did I ended the day with a sweaty, sticky, mess of bangs stuck to my face. So, I had to grow them out. But I miss them, oh how I miss them.

When I move back to a drier climate (yes, I said when), you can bet I'll cut bangs again in a hurry.

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What do you think? Where are you looking for hair inspiration lately?

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  1. I'm growing out my bangs because i've just had them too long. since like 2004.

    i need up do inspiration! i'm in a wedding in two weeks!

  2. I have sideswept bangs and it's a love-hate relationship. I hate having them, but I look absolutely awful without them!

  3. I want bangs sooo badly but they're such a commitment!

  4. I just got bangs a couple weeks ago too and I get a greasy forehead after a couple hours as well as greasy bangs haha. Oh well, it's fun to change up the look. I adore JL's photo...wispy bangs with wavy hair looks great. My hair texture is so course and thick though so it doesn't quite sit straight...


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