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I am a bit of a clothes junkie (obviously, I write this blog) and right now my closet is overflowing.

Here are a few things that I love, but are no longer working for me.
I hope one of them can find a happy home with one of you.

1 - Shade Elbow Length Sleeve Cardi {small} - $5 (SOLD )
2 - Polka Dot Tulip Skirt w/ Exposed Back Zipper {size 4} - $7 (SOLD )
3 - Banana Republic Wool Pencil Skirt w/ Pleats {size 0} - $10 ** (SOLD )
4 - Ann Taylor {medium petite} - $7 $5

I will be charging $3 shipping (**$5 shipping for the BR skirt).
US buyers preferred. Payments via paypal.

Please email me at if you are interested or have any questions.

Click here for more listings.


  1. Oh my god the Banana Republic skirt is killing me~ It's gorgeous

    1. One of my faves. There is just no way to squeeze my postpartum hips into a size 0! :(


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