Spied: Odell Ballet Flat

Now that I am a mom, I have a healthy collection of heels that are gathering dust. I still love heels and break them out on Sundays and for special occasions, but in my day to day life flats are the way to go.

I have a pair of these in floral and they are the best thing ever.

Odell Ballet Flats in Cheetah - Target - $14.99
(also available in gold, mid-brown, glitter, black, and bronze)

I have long held a special place in my heart for cheetah and leopard prints. Somehow they can work as a neutral and provide some punch.

Here are a few of my other favorite animal print shoes right now:


  1. Adorable flats and such a great find! I don't even have being a mom as an excuse - I'm just getting old and my joints can't handle heels all the time. :-S

  2. I have the floral ones too and wear them so much. I saw your instagram pic- they are awesome shoes! I have some leopard flats from Old Navy years ago and wear them a lot in the fall. If this is the year that they (finally) wear out, I would totally get these Target ones. Thanks for the post!

  3. So cute! My mom has a pair of them :)


  4. I bought these and they were SO UNCOMFORTABLE!!! The toe box pinches my feet! I was sad because Target flats are usually decent but I can't handle the Odell.


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