Sale: ASOS

ASOS has a big sale going on and I wanted to share my favorite finds:

1 - Bow Short Sleeve Blouse - $23.75 (Orig. $43.98)
2 - Pencil Skirt in Aztec Print - $21.99 (Orig. $31.66)
3 - Sweatshirt with Rocco Beads - $22.87 (Orig. $48.29)
4 - Skirt with Soft Pleats - $29.02 (Orig. $48.29)
5 - Woven T-Shirt With Leaf Floral Print - $34.30 (Orig. $48.29)
6 - Crepe Empire Peplum - $24.14 (Orig. $37.94)
7 - Blouse With Geo Print And Contrast Tie - $30.78 (Orig. $60.36)
8 - Oasis Exclusive Slash Neck Top With Animal Print - $19.35 (Orig. $37.9)
9 - Pencil Skirt in Chain Print - $18.47 (Orig. $31.66)

I am seriously in love with #5, and with free shipping & free returns I am really tempted to pull the trigger. Is anything tempting you?


  1. The Aztec pencil skirt is really calling my name. Thanks for the heads up!!

  2. ASOS is always tempting! They know just how to reel me in too... haha. Great finds, I may just have to check out the sale for myself. :)


  3. #8 is a super lovely find. Maybe I'm just being sweater obsessed now, but that one is quite nice!

    I have no money as of right now, so even though things are catching my eye, I can't do much about it. :'( tear!


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