Inspiration: Gap We Heart Outfits

Gap has a slew of lovely looks for fall. I love fall style. The reintroduction of layers, tights, and boots is always welcome. Here are a few notable inspiration looks.

And since we are talking Gap, here are my favorite finds in their sale section:


  1. lovely picks! i am sad about the cold weather coming in, but am definitely going to take inspiration from these looks!

  2. never liked the cold weather...despite the fact that fashion gets better. Anyway, I love look #2 - anything with a scarf! I'm a scarf addict (even in the summer).

  3. Gap has such fun stuff out right now, thanks for sharing! Love your style and blog! You have a new follower:)

  4. In loove that top left one!
    Gap is getting good again! And so is Old Navy! I'll take cheap cute stuff anyday!


  5. What's up with Gap featuring that awesome patterned sweater and then not making it available?

    1. So annoying! There were also a few looks that I would click & it would bring up another outfit entirely. :(

  6. They're all so adorable!! Definitely inspiring :)



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