Look for Less: Polka Dot Button Up

I have been coveting these simple white polka dot button up blouses, and was excited to see this more reasonably priced option.

Laurence Dolige Trompette Polka Dot Blouse - farfetch.com - $266
BDG Oxford Boyfriend Shirt – Urban Outfitters - $39

What do you think?


  1. love it. if i wasn't on a new budget... it would be mine. with smaller dots like this your might be able to DIY... but that might take a million years.

  2. I saw this shirt from target that was similar--


  3. I love it. I have been wanting something polkadot and this just might be it.

  4. these are cute! I actually just found a very similar blouse at a thrift store for 50 cents! here's it is...

  5. Love, love this shirt.
    Wish i had the cheap version so I could have worn it today with my polka dot trousers.


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