Sale: 30% Off at Old Navy

Old Navy (as well as Gap and Banana Republic) is offering 30% off any purchase right now. Here are a few things I would snag with this fabulous promotion.

1 - Lightweight Crew-Neck Sweater - $17.50 (Orig. $26.94) (looks like this pricey J.Crew option)
2 - Sliver-Wedge Boots - $29.75 (Orig. $44.50)
3 - Button-Front Stretch Cardi - $17.46 (Orig. $24.94)
4 - Jersey Pencil Skirt - $17.46 (Orig. $24.94) {in plus}
5 - Peter-Pan Collar Wool-Blend Coat - $47.25 (Orig. $69.94) <--- this is a fabulous price
6 - Skinny Belt 2-Pack - $13.96 (Orig. $19.94)
7 - Classic Wool-Blend Coat - $36.75 (Orig. $54.94)
8 - Wingtip Flats - $17.46 (Orig. $24.94)
9 - Plaid Flannel Shirt - $12.25 (Orig. $17.50)

This is a great deal and especially good for buying outerwear. Just a heads up the rockstar pants are still on sale for $19, but aren't eligible for the extra discount. (Find them in solids, dots, & cords).

Make sure to use coupon code: THANKYOU at checkout. The deal ends tonight, so act fast.


  1. Just looking at the sale and trying to check out. The Rockstar jeans are not included in this promo. :(

    1. Oh no! What a bummer. I've edited the post to include that info.

    2. I was able to get the grey rockstar jeans with the black polka dots and use the promo, 13.30, baby! It might be an error in their system

  2. Thanks for blogging about this -- just went and bought 4 things with my old navy card!

  3. I want that jersey skirt. I'm obsessed with camel and black together.

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