Hair Inspiration: Braided

The creativity afforded to braided hair styles seems endless. If only I could figured out how to french braid on an angle (or upside down!) behind my head.

What do you think? Where are you looking for hair inspiration lately?

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  1. I am terrible at doing hair, so I tend toward more simple things. My "power" hair is a simple pony with a teased bump on the front. I sooo wish I could do this!

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  2. i'm horrible at hair! i've been doing your signature twist lately, but even that is difficult for me. the braided looks are so beautiful, i wish i could do them!

  3. I bet you could braid at an angle; it just takes practice. :) As for upside down- you might have to really be upside down. I'm not sure if the blood rushing to my head or my heavy hair would do me in first. :)

  4. i just saw the movie pitch perfect and the main character had lots of fun braided hairstyles. i think i might have gone to sleep dreaming that i knew how to do that to my hair. so lovely

  5. I have just barley mastered a single braid down the back on my head! i don't know if i could do any of those yet!

  6. If only I could even French braid...


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