This Week

I don't think I'll ever get tired of this view.

Here are a few links to take you into the week:

I'm thinking about jumping into to these ankle boots this fall.
Did you see this clever dipped bead necklace tutorial?
I can't stop thinking about this collared tee.
I'm dying to try this vintage style pony tail tutorial.
I think this statement necklace is great (& part of a great BOGO deal).
I'm loving this vintage-style winter coat.
I'm in the middle of this book and currently undecided.

We are going on a real date this weekend. A movie! Dinner! With no baby in tow. I am clearly excited. What are your weekend plans?


  1. bahahaha what an amazing shot. FYI, I just found a store with those bigger bubble necklaces (J.Crew knock-offs) for $29.99...BUT with a blogger's code, you can get 50% off!! Ahhhh. They also have the Anthro stormy seas knock-off in mint! with code: greydesk50

  2. That buttttttt. Sqqqqqqquuuuuueeeeeeze it

  3. Ah, The Paris Wife. It's worth finishing. Even if only to come to the conclusion that it's written beautifully (it felt like reading poetry on some pages), but that if Hemingway was really everything like Paula's interpretation, he was a giant ASS and I don't want to read anything he wrote.

    Maybe I would read The Sun Also Rises but I would only be thinking of what a jerk he was to Hadley.

    On a lighter note, ENJOY YOUR HOT DATE!

    1. I plan to finish it. It's definitely beautiful (and I actually checked it out on your recommendation). I think I just tend to do better with books that are quickly paced and well plotted. This one is has a lot of literary references that are a bit over my head and meanders just a tad.

  4. The Paris Wife takes awhile to really get going, but once it is heartbreaking. And very beautifully written.

  5. The Paris Wife takes awhile to really get going, but once it is heartbreaking. And beautifully written.


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