Project Runway Notes: Season 10 Episode 8

I love watching creatively competitive reality TV. Project Runway is one of my all time favorites and this season is finally heating up for me. I find myself looking for an outlet for all my commentary, and as gracious as Steve is to listen to me talk about it, I thought this might be the best place to share.

Did you watch the latest episode? I loved it. One of my favorites of the season and I usually hate team challenges.

This goes without saying, but spoilers to follow.

I can't catch up on my feelings of the entire season so far, because that would be eight episodes worth of gossip, so let's just jump in.

We learned that this week would be another team challenge and, interestingly, the teams had raise their own funds by selling crafty merchandise on the streets of New York City. The craft supplies were dollar store quality and the goods they sold showed it.

Team 1
Christopher | Gunnar | Sonjia
Team 2
Dmitri | Elena | Alicia
Team 3
Ven | Melissa | Fabio

There was a lot of drama about who got paired with who. Christopher thinks Gunnar is lame, and Demitri would rather eat glass than work with Elena (Who wouldn't? What a nightmare!)


Dmitri | Elena | Alicia

Demitri's dress was pretty, but I think his portfolio is lacking some serious variety. Elena's coat was shapeless and oversized, and Alicia's outfit underneath it was underwhelming.

Christopher | Gunnar | Sonjia

 Sonjia made a beautiful jacket which was worn over one of Gunnar's dresses. The second look was Chris's sleeveless trench over a very cool leather/tweed dress by Gunnar.

Ven | Melissa | Fabio

This collection was so boring! Aside from Melissa's white jacket the whole thing seemed like a throw away - especially Ven's hip riding, a-line, mid-calf skirt.

I loved Christopher, Gunnar, & Sonjia's collection and so did the judges. I thought Gunnar was the standout, but they gave the win to Sonjia for her pleated hunter green jacket.

Fabio and Alicia were in the bottom, and I was relieved that Alicia was out. Honestly, I think that drop waisted lacrosse uniform dress from last week should have sent her home.

The reason why I liked this episode was because the team challenge actually brought out the best in the winning team. (Remember when Mondo didn't want to work with Michael, and they became best friends?) I loved that at the end of this episode, not only had Team 1 worked well together but Chris actually acknowledged Gunnar's dresses as the most impressive part of their collection.

Can I just stop here and say that I am ready for Elena to go home? I think she's middle of the road, and won't win the competition. And frankly, she is just unpleasant to watch. (Inexplicably, she is in the lead for the fan favorite. Say what?) And since I'm talking about designers that can go ahead and pack their bags, Ven is so incredibly unappealing. The way he treated his real-life client was incredibly rude. Beyond his insensitivity, he is a very boring, one trick pony. We get it. He luuurves, pleating, fanning, and rosettes.

At this stage, I like Sonjia, Chris, Gunnar, Melissa, and Fabio - pretty much in that order. Who are your favorites?

Just for fun, I gathered a few pieces that I think have the vibe of the winning collection for less. 

1 - Members Only Pearlized Ruffle Jacket (sale) | 2 - Round Face Link Watch
3 - Shimmer Stripe Infinity Scarf | 4 - Tweed Sheath Dress
5 - Mossimo Versie Pumps - Faux Snakeskin (sale) | 6 - Two-Tone Blazer
7 - Button T-Shirt (sale) | 8 - Draped Chain Necklace | 9 - Woven Colorblock Panel Skirt
10 - Slim-Fit Lightweight Coat (sale) | 11 - Unlisted Tuck Stop Boots (sale)


  1. I love Project Runway!! I am Team Melissa, I love her designs and she is a fellow Michigander. I also love Christopher and Dmitri. Gunnar is growing on me, because of the way he treated his real-life client. But Ven and Elena need to go! They have poor attitudes and I am tired of their designs. I can't believe she is in the lead for fan favorite! What in the world??

  2. Whew, glad I was able to watch it this morning before getting on here. haha I am new to Project Runway. (just started halfway thru last season) And I wonder why I waited so long to watch?? I LOVE IT. And it has made me more intereseted in making me clothes, not just my kiddos. :)

  3. Seriously, every time that bubble pops up saying Elena is still in the lead for fan favorite my husband and I look at each other and are like, "What??!!?" It makes no sense.

  4. I agree with all of this. Why the heck is Elena fan favorite? I get that she has the biggest personality this season, but it's not a good one. Ven needs to go. He's a cocky, one-trick pony. I also was over him when he was rude to his client. I don't really have a standout favorite yet. I'm kind of over Christopher, too; so besides the three I mentioned, I wouldn't mind if any of the others won.

  5. i love sonjia (she's from boston, yay!) and melissa!


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