Spied: Polka-Dot Chambray Shirt

I was at Old Navy this weekend, and spotted this jem. The pattern is both subtle and sweet.

Polka-Dot Chambray Shirt - Old Navy - $24.94

Here are a few other pretty dotted things around the web:

What do you think? Are you as into polka dots right now as I am?


  1. Ugh that is SOO cute! As I am typing this, I have a supercash $10 voucher that is good for this week. So tempted right now.

  2. have it, love it, wearing it today!

  3. I l.o.v.e polka dots! I have also seen a few polka dot sweaters lately that I really want!

  4. I just bought that shirt on Friday with my SuperCash! Still deciding though...

    1. You're having second thoughts? Care to share why?

  5. SO cute! I almost bought one just like it at Target online but couldn't tell how I'd like it in-person. THis one is a lot cuter!

  6. Saw this in stores about a month ago. Very cute. Haven't not bought though.

    Method Clothe

  7. Ohhhhhhhhhh. I do need this.


  8. I just bought that a few weeks ago and it looks great with green pants and a brown belt. I'm happy with my purchase!


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