Project Runway Notes: Season 10 Episode 9

This week was The HP/Intel Challenge, which is aways an interesting episode. A fashion designer does not a textile designer make.

Did you watch the episode? Some of my opinions were solidified and some were flipped on their heads.

This goes without saying, but spoilers to follow.

I was so excited to see them bring Mondo in to talk to the designers for this challenge. The HP/Intel challenge from his season was one of my favorites.

As each of the designers were drawing their prints, I was pretty skeptical.I was most concerned with Gunnar, Elena, Christopher, and Ven. I was perplexed by Fabio's description of is print. Seriously weird.

Runway (Click the links to see pictures of each of the designers looks)

I didn't think he pulled off the print design well and it totally threw him off his game. I think he just made matters worse by trying to cover his print with organza. It looked sloppy and cheap. (I still love you, Christopher!)

Dmitry's print was fine. I wasn't excited about it but can see how it fits his aesthetic. His real feat was the beautiful jacket he made. It's structure peek-a-boo openings were innovative and cool.

That sound you hear? It's me eating humble pie. I started the episode cringing at her print. What was she going to do with that loud, busy, neon mess. Um, she was going to turn out a chic look that happened to be my very favorite of the bunch. (I definitely think she should have been in the top 3).

His look moved well and had fine construction, but it just did nothing for me.

Oh, Gunnar. I think the issue with this look was the print. It just wasn't dynamic. I can appreciate the story behind it, but as a textile it was lacking. And the rest of the look was pretty ho-hum. {Side note: Did you hear Gunnar say that is he won the first thing he was going to do was buy his mom a boob job? Hilar.}

I thought Melissa's textile was interesting. It was a departure from her aesthetic and looked wonderful on her dress. I did think the sheath dress was a little underwhelming (but well executed). I think the judges scored her design higher because she stretched beyond her usual designs.

I was really impressed with Sonjia in this episode. Her print was probably my favorite of the bunch (& the only one I would purchase at the fabric store) and I thought her look was great. The fit of the pants were impeccable, and the drape of the top was beautiful. Team Sonjia!

What is he still doing here? If I remember correctly, this is not Project Taylor. Sewing skills are not enough to win this competition. His ideas are not up to scratch and he is repetitive and derivative (of himself). His hibuscus print was terrible. His use of it was worse, and he used the rose fanning technique again?! They even brought Tim on the runway to explain why he hadn't told Ven to change it up.

In the end, they picked Dmitry to win and Gunnar to pack his bags. I personally think the judges were wrong on both accounts. Sonjia should have won and Ven should have gone home.

What did you think? Who's prints were your favorites (or least favorites)? And who's looks did you love or hate?

Chime in below.


  1. Sonja's was totally the best. I was a little shocked that she wasn't the winner. I liked Dmitry, but I agree with you. And I agree about Ven too. This is the first season I have watched, and I don't know why I didn't start sooner! Love it!

    1. I love it too! I have watched almost from the beginning and it is one of my faves.

  2. I agree with you about Ven but I do think sometimes the same could be said for Christopher. I was sad to see Gunnar go, but I sort of get it. And Fabio's print... Um... ...

  3. I totally agree that Sonjia should have won and Ven go home. Too bad the audience doesn't get to vote...

  4. I love everything about Sonjia! This look was one of my favorites of hers. If the print had been rendered in a more fluid fabric, those pants would have been even better. Plus, I love her blue hair and wish I could pull it off!


    1. I think you are right about the fluidity of the fabric. I wonder how much say the designers had in that. (Probably not much because no one had theirs printed on chiffon :) )

  5. I totally agree with your choices for the winner and loser of the challenge. I almost died when I saw Ven’s model strutting down the runway in the same dress that he has made for every challenge so far! Who does he think he’s fooling? It would be like if I turned in the same document week after week to my boss at Dish. He would fire me without question, as what should’ve happened to Ven in this challenge. I’m so curious to see what his unimaginative brain cooks up in tonight’s episode. The only problem is that is airs at the same time as the new X Factor and Glee, two of my roommate’s must-see shows. She’s much bigger than me, so a fight for the remote won’t be effective. I’m just lucky that my Hopper DVR has three separate tuners, so neither of us has to miss out. Do you think Ven will last another round?


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