Project Runway Notes: Season 10 Episode 10

This week was the designers were asked to create an outfit to be worn by the Rockettes. These challenges are usually among my least favorites, but this week I was pleasantly surprised.

Did you watch the episode? Once again some of my opinions were flipped on their heads.

This goes without saying, but spoilers to follow.

When they introduced the challenge, I rolled my eyes. In seasons past, I have hated it almost every single time. Usually the designs are good for what they are, but I never love them. This week, that changed.

Runway (Click the links to see pictures of each of the designers looks)

He killed it. From the moment I saw his sketches I thought he would win. The NYC skyline design was clever and chic. And I loved the silhouette. He has solidified himself as one of my absolute favorite designers this season. 

Dmitry's dress was solid. It was graphic, incredibly well tailored, and had beautiful movement. He has really surprised me with the last few challenges.

Oh, Elena. Her dress was hot mess. I can appreciate that she tried to push out of her comfort zone (and I really appreciated her chilling out and apologizing to Dmitry.) But it was still a fail.

I thought the movement and sheen were nice. I didn't care so much for the grey fabric at the top, but I think his look was probably better than Melissa's.

Yikes. Her design turned out ok, but watching her get there was like watching a train wreck. She took forever to do everything, and didn't realize that she and color blocked a huge one on the dress. The only way she finished her look was because Christopher gave her extra money at mood. Her styling was cute, but I don't think the design should have been 3rd.

There are no words. Her design was unflattering and impractical. I was so disappointed because I really like her!

His fabric choice was pretty, but the execution was a big yawn. I did warm up to his personality a bit as he helped Melissa finish her dress at the end. But I think his dress was not up to scratch.

In the end, they picked Christopher to win and Ven to pack his bags. I think they got it right this week (but wish I could have seen what Gunnar would have done).

What did you think? Who's look did you love or hate?

Chime in below.


  1. I think your comments are right on. I was glad to see Ven go because he gets on my nerves, but I think it was really a toss-up between him and Elena this week. Her dress was everything the judges said it was. Scary.

  2. Can we discuss how hilarious Dmitry is? I am loving him more and more with every episode. His commentary on this particular episode had me laughing a lot. Christopher is amazing, but I was really rooting for Dmitry on this one.

  3. You hit the nail on the head with your comments- I totally agree. Love Christopher and I hope he wins!


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