This Week

Steve's sister came to town last weekend and we had a blast taking her to our favorite places beaches.
 We were so sad to see her go. 

Here are a few links to take you into the weekend. 

I think this dress is a great transitional piece for fall.
I am anxious to try this waterfall braid hair tutorial.
I have convinced myself I need this pretty suit (on sale).
I think this shoe DIY project is so clever.
I adore this sweet printed sweater
I am reading this book.

What are your weekend plans?


  1. I just finished that book! Adored it and already sending it to another friend so she can adore it also. :)

  2. How do you like the book so far? I'm interested in it...

    Also that dress?!!!?! SERIOUSLY! I need that. Sorry caffeine... must calm down..... need money.........dress.......... need dress.

    1. I am liking the book, I wouldn't say I love it. I don't know how sold I am on an entire book written through letters. Sometimes it's a wonderful device, but sometimes the letters feel a bit forced to explain narrative.

      Right!? It's just the prettiest dress ever.

  3. I literally gasped with desire when I saw those heels! Leopard print is one of my favorite colors! I especially love leopard print shoes. Too bad my leopard print flats give zero support. Oh man, I almost wish I hadn't seen those shoes!!! LOL

    1. I believe they are the shoes Kendi has been wearing a lot lately, and I think they are so chic.

  4. I love that shoe tutorial with the studs! So cute! I also love that dress... it is beautiful! As for the book, I really liked it, but I agree, sometimes it seems too forced or at some points, I even felt lost in some of the story. The characters were wonderful though and the setting is just fabulous. Enjoy your weekend!


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