Wish List: ASOS Pencil Dress

I have had a weird week. I have been working my tail off refinishing a credenza for our living room. For whatever reason, having a furniture project hanging over my head has made it difficult to focus on much of anything until it is finished. Does that ever happen to you?

I am hoping I can wrap the project up this weekend and get back into my normal groove.

I just had to share this beautiful dress. I seriously wish I had a good reason to buy it. Isn't it perfect?

(also available in coral)

What's on your weekend to-do list? Or your wish list? Or maybe they are the same list, boy, do I love when that happens.


  1. I dunno. With those pleats at the belly, I don't think anyone who is even a little self-conscious about their middle would feel comfortable in that dress.

  2. I would buy it just because.

  3. This dress is gorgeous, and I totally wish I could snap it up right now.


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