Request: J.Crew Crusher Hat

I got an email from a dear friend asking for a budget friendly option of this J.Crew hat. In my search I discovered that this J.Crew hat is actually a cheaper version of this hat! We all know I would never spend more than $20 on a hat, but it's interesting none the less.

Here are my best options:

1 • Polka Dot Boater Hat • Forever 21 • $10.80
2 • BDG Beachcomber Fedora • Urban Outfitters • $24.00
3 • Croft & Barrow® Radical Tweed Microbrim Hat • Kohls • $18.00 (Orig. $30)
4 • Scalloped-Brim Straw Hat • Charlotte Russe • $12.50

Number one is definitely my favorite. What about you? Which option do you think is best?


  1. Love #1 too!

  2. I like #1 too, because of the polka dots. Forever 21 has some great, budget friendly hats too.

  3. #1 is excellent! The polka dots at the perfect touch!



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