Hair Inspiration: Side Swept

Wearing my hair up has become a necessity. It is just too hot and sticky for my hair to be touching my neck,  shoulders, or forehead. One of my favorite ways to add a romantic flair is wearing it to the side. It is simultaneously more playful and elegant.

What do you think? Where are you looking for hair inspiration lately?

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  1. I've worn my hair several times like the photo on the top left (I found the tutorial online somewhere) and love it! I agree that it's elegant, but at the same time a little more *something* than a regular chignon ... playful, unexpected, etc. I currently live in the desert but moved her from the east coast, and while I miss green and seasons, I don't miss the humidity!

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  2. Not sure I'd be able to do the top right all by myself but the bottom right one is lovely!



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