For the Home: Before and After TV Console

My husband and I have been on the lookout for a new TV console for ages. Our current stand was starting to bow from the weight of the TV and the open shelving design was a total nightmare to keep looking tidy with Tate constantly wreaking havoc on it.

I finally found this console at a resale furniture shop. It was marked $200 but the husband got them to drop it to $150. I was drawn to the simple lines and the woven door detail. I was not, however, in love with the finish.

Click through to see more of the console and our living room.

I popped off the wooden panel behind the woven section so the remote signal would work through the doors. Then I painted the cabinet grey and applied polyurethane.

We also mounted the TV to the wall at the same time as we replaced the console. I love how it looks, but it was a huge pain in the rear. You live and learn. If we ever mount a TV it will be a piece of cake. (I used this tutorial as a guideline). 

The new console is bigger in every way, but the arrangement makes the room feel so much more open!

I am always so satisfied with how home projects turn out but I find them to be far more stressful and time consuming than my simple sewing projects.

Have you completed any home projects lately?


  1. love the color you choose to paint it :)


  2. Terrific! Great inspiration!

  3. love this Madeline! great color.

  4. cute! definitely looks a lot better!

  5. Looks great, but I have to know: How did you connect the DVD player to the TV without cords showing on the wall? This is my biggest obstacle right now. DH is insisting we hang the TV, but I don't want a bunch of nasty cords showing. If you wouldn't mind responding, my e-mail is starwarsfans98 at gmail dot com.

    1. We cut a small two small holes in the drywall. One was behind the entertainment center, and one behind the tv. We ran the cords between the studs in the walls. One thing to keep in mind is that the HDMI cords will need to be a bit longer than usual (our mount system for the TV came with 2 8' HDMIs instead of the standard 6' and they worked swimmingly). We kept the drywall pieces to patch the holes later on.

      Hope that helps!


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