Reader Request: Plus Size Summer Must-Haves

I got this request from Cori yesterday,
Hello! I am a bigger girl (14/16) and want to know what are some of the essentials to have this summer, without spending a lot? [...] I've noticed some of the clothes you feature seem like they are for tiny women. So again my question is: What are some summer essentials/classics and where can I get them?
So, Cori caught me. My blog generally revolves around my size and style, because I generally just post things I want to wear. I don't spend a lot of time looking at plus size sections, but I know there are quite a few reasonably priced options. One of my favs is Faith 21, Forever 21's plus sized selection.

Here are a few things that I would definitely wear:

1 - Dots & Lattice Tunic - $19.80
2 - Festive Stripes A-Line Skirt - $19.80
3 - Sailboat Zipper Top - $19.80
4 - Relaxed Chambray Button Up - $24.80
5 - Spring Floral Top - $17.80 (in the same fabric as the top I posted on yesterday)
6 - Nautical Striped Cardigan - $22.80

So what do you think of these picks? Any you would wear? Leave your thoughts below.

Find other reasonable plus size finds here:
Old Navy | Faith 21 | Torrid | Fashion to Figure | Ruche Curvy Plus

This afternoon, I am going to do a follow up post on what I think is the number one summer essential for everybody.


  1. 14/16 isn't plus size...

  2. No, it's not. But women that are 14/16 aren't the only women I am addressing here. Not to mention at stores like Forever 21, I am afraid to say that a 14/16 would be hard pressed to find their size anywhere but the Faith 21 selection.

  3. Oh my gosh! I wish that sailboat tee came in all different sizes! Forever 21 does a great job, imho.

  4. I agree about Forever 21's sizing. Until I lost some weight a few years ago, I was not able to shop there even though I wasn't 'plus size'. Now I wish that some of the clothes offered in Faith21 would be available in smaller sizes, I appreciate their classy, modest cut.

    Thanks for offering these options, I would love to see more! Figure flattering clothes are always welcome at any size!

  5. Don't forget that Ruche has adorable "curvy" choices in plus size

  6. 14/16 isn't plus size, you're correct. I wear a 14/16 and it's often not considered plus size but it is the end of the regular sizing before plus. Stores like Torrid usually start at 12 and even in places like Modcloth someone with my measurements have to wear a 2X. It's because of vanity sizing and strange measurement charts that it's literally almost impossible to find things to fit. Unfortunately, I am in a weird size where lots of "normal" sizes don't fit me but the smallest sizes at Torrid and Lane Bryant are too large. In that case, what's a girl to do?!

  7. I second what Laurelann said, my mother is at that stage where the regular women's sizes won't fit and the plus sizes are too large. Hmm...


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