Outfit Under $100 {Easy Coral}

Yesterday, DownEast Basics sent me an email featuring this dress, and I was immediately in love:

Pretty Parisian Dress - DownEast Basics - $36.99
Bead Cluster Layering Necklace - Charlotte Russe - $7.50
Xhilaratio Singne D'Orsay Flats - Floral - Target - $19.99
total: $64.48

I have to admit, I sing the praises of casual dresses more often than I put them into action in my wardrobe. I mean, the idea of one step dressing is appealing, no? I really like the color and ease of this option. Throw in a pair of patterned flats + a necklace and you are good to go.

What do you think? Do you wear dresses casually? I'd love to hear your tips. Leave your thoughts below.


  1. I'm a big dress wearer..I LOVE this one! I hadn't seen it before. I think I might need it.

    Freckles in April

  2. I fell in love with this dress too! I'm going to order it - I'm hoping it's not too thin. Have had that problem with other DEB knit dresses.

    I always want to wear dresses more often as well. On one hand, they seem so easy and practical to put on but then when it comes down to it, I don't wear them.

  3. oh i love this one too. in fact, i emailed it to my husband for a gift idea. :)

    dresses like this are perfect. they can be worn so many different ways. i need to buy more dresses like this.

  4. I do in the summer time all the time with sandals. In winter I tend to feel too dressy if I do!

    I can't do DeB though, the fabric is SO thin. Even if it works for summer, I find that thin fabric unflattering me. It never hangs right and often clings in all the wrong places. For the same price though, I do like Target's inexp. jersey dresses often.

  5. I love this dress! And thanks to this post, I went to target and bought those flats. I'm wearing them now and I love them!! So thank you!

  6. oh my gosh, what a beautiful ensemble! I love that dress! Thank you so much for posting this. :)


    Sweety Jeans

  7. I love this! I like wearing dresses/skirts casually, especially in the summer! As a side note, I bought some DEB t-shirts about 2 summers ago and they still in good condition. Too bad I got chocolate stains on some of them :-(

  8. I tried that flat at Target and it's not as cute as on that picture above. Very weird fit
    : ( And that dress is just lovely. I find myself wearing a dress when I don't want to spend time matching an outfit. It's jsut that easy! Wihtout saying it's comfortable and totally feminine.

  9. I love dresses especially for summer. It's my go to outfit for most occasions. This type of dress can be very casual or dressed up with the accessories you show. Love the color too.

  10. I have so many dresses and skirts (because I love them) and always hesitate to wear them on any day other than Sunday to church. So I end up wearing each dress/skirt once or twice, maaaaaybe 3 times in the whole year! My goal this summer is to pair up my summer dresses and skirts with flats or wedges for a more casual look that doesn't say: "I just got back from going to the Temple"!


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