Inspired: Anthropologie {drawing parallels}

I fell in love with this look a few weeks ago. Full skirts are sooooo in.

{worth $332}

Here's my budget take:

Rolled-Cuff Jersey Tee - $8.50 (Orig. $14.50) {look familiar?}
Lady Like Skirt - DownEast Basics - $14.99 (Orig. $32.00)
Wide Leaf Bracelet - Forever 21 - $10.80
Skinny Snakeskin Pattern Belt - New York & Co. - $13.96 (Orig. $19.95)
Jacey Clog Sandal - Payless - $24.99
total: $72.24

What do you think of this look?  Leave your thoughts below.


  1. Adorable!! I love the return of modest (or more modest, I should say) skirts and I love the look of clogs. It's great for those of us who don't have perfect legs. :)

  2. love this look . loved so much got the skirt! and may make a trip to oldnavy as well.

  3. I have such a crush on this outfit-- and your blog!

  4. Love your recreation of the Anthro outfit! It's perfect, especially the skirt!

    Complex Cardigans

  5. Such a great outfit! I may buy the skirt. I'm so glad you show us how inexpensive it can be to look expensive :)


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