Friday Wishlist: LC for Kohls Floral Tops

Two of my favorite things to wear during my pregnancy have been these Lauren Conrad tops. I doubly like them because I know I'll be able to wear them after the baby is born and that they'll help camouflage my less than stellar tummy. 

Anyway, I have decided that I pretty much want all of her loose fitting floral tops to live in this summer. These three are at the top of my list:

LC Lauren Conrad Floral Banded-Bottom Top - Kohls - $25.50 (Orig. $34.00)
LC Lauren Conrad Floral Dolman Top - Kohls - $23.80 (Orig. $34.00)
LC Lauren Conrad Floral Pleated Top - Kohls - $ 23.80 (Orig. $34.00)

I think the middle one is my favorite. What do you think? What's your fashion dream this week? Leave your thoughts below.

Happy Weekend.  


  1. I love LC's tops at Kohl's! They are perfect for maternity wear and beyond :) Love the one in the middle, too!

  2. so freaking cute...Im window shopping and I think I want one of those tops! I love the middle and the last one!

  3. So cute! I have a LC top I bought a while ago and saved it for now- it's a sheer dusty pink tunic lenth floral. Love it and love how it looks with my bigger bump too! Thanks for sharing the finds!

  4. very cute tops! i love them all! my fashion dream this week as got to be kate spade - just got a 25% off coupon and i'm having heart palpitation, LOl!

  5. I don't want to sound rude, but I just have a thought for you. I know florals are coming in style, but pregnancy is NOT the time to follow certain styles. I promise this one isn't a great one to follow when your belly is growing. a big tummy does not need to be sporting big flowers. Sleek and fitted is the best way to go. Just my humble opinion.

  6. These are cute and I too bought similar styles during my pregnancy only to realize the fitted styles are much more flattering to a pregnant belly. The loose fitting tops just made me look big, not pregnant. I also just got an LC dress on sale at Kohl's for $6.00! Bought a matching necklace for $12.00 and I've got a perfect outfit! So exciting..

  7. I'm pregnant with my second baby, but it's a completely different season this time, so I really can't use a lot of my old maternity clothes. I want something that isn't necessarily maternity, but that will look good during and after in postpartum. Do you think you could do a post like that?


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