Look for Less: Kate Spade Bourgeois Bow Ring

I wanted to share this look for less even if it is bit holidayesque.

Kate Spade's Bourgeois Bow Ring - Kate Spade - $65 {sold out}
3, 2, 1 Gift Off Ring - Modcloth - $14.99

It's such a convincing look-a-like, it would be worth buying now to wear next holiday season.

What do you think? Is this something you would wear? Leave your thoughts below.


  1. Man, I really wanted this ring at the kate spade outlet by my house by my fiance wasn't feeling it, ((I think it was super on sale too!!)) might have to take a run and see if they are still around!



  2. Jane and I just stumbled upon your blog and we are in love.

    Who doesn't want to look amazing for a fraction of the price.

    Harley and Jane

  3. That is the cutest holiday ring I have ever seen. I would totally wear that!!!

  4. I think I'll buy one for myself!

  5. I LOVe this! So nice that you post about interesting pieces!

  6. OH I LOVE ... never seen anything like that ... its just such a darling ring!!


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