Reader Review: AVON Cushion Walk® Riding Boot

I got this reader review from an anonymous reader:
Absolutely DO NOT buy those boots! I ordered them after seeing them on your blog (which I love, BTW), and they don't resemble anything like the picture. They are not a stiff leather upper, but are instead the flimsy fold-over plastic-y material that cheap knock-offs are made of.

They have a very slippery sole (not good for the NE) and their cushion is the prickly sandal bottom Adidas sported in their sandals a few years back.

Also, the only part of the boot that holds its shape is the area around the foot which is so stiff it rubs your feet immediately into blisters. I sent them back as soon as I tried them on.
Here are the boots she is talking about:

Cushion Walk® Riding Boot - AVON - $44.99

Did anyone else spring for these boots? If so, leave your thoughts below.


  1. This review is exactly the reason why I rarely spend anything on cheaply made clothes, it's just not worth it in the long run. I'd rather have fewer quality pieces than a lot of trendy-but-poorly-made pieces. Shrug.


  2. I just had to respond...cheaply made clothes come at any price tag. As someone who worked for one of the most expensive and coveted stores that almost every woman is obsessed with...(I won't name names), I know that you can still pay a fortune and get something that's cheaply made. I just think you never know what you are getting and you have to do your research.

    Keep up the good work- I love your site!

  3. Oh no! That makes me sad. I ordered these (they are still enroute) as I've been searching for boots like these for a long time. I'll admit I had my doubts but figured I'd return them if they were bad. Bummer!

  4. I haven't ordered these boots, but I do have to say that if I'm going to invest a large-ish amount of money on something, its going to be my shoes/boots. I just have never had a very good experience with too-cheap shoes! (except maybe rubber flipflops...)

  5. Quality shoes are important, and I've learned the hard way. You can get fantastic deals on Frye boots and riding boots on Craigslist! I've found such treasure on that site. Here's my blog post about it:

  6. I have these boots and I love them. How funny, I guess there's a shoe for every foot. :)


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