Reader Tip: Cardigans Galore

I had a few readers leave very helpful comments this week and just had to share them.

Liz let me know about this basic mustard cardigan for a great price at Papaya:

Basic Simple Two-Pocket Cardigan - Papaya - $16.99

PS - That's totally Jessica Serfaty from ANTM Cycle 14.

Nout let me know that my much beloved Old Navy dotted cardigan is on sale for just $17.50!

Lightweight Printed Cardi - Old Navy - $17.50 (Orig. $29.50)

new tip: Maria left a comment telling me about a 25% off coupon you can use on any single full-priced item in store at Old Navy through Thursday, click here or here to print your own.

Any other tips you guys want to share? Leave em below.


  1. Go here to print a 25% off coupon if you buy it in store.,2623737,hp_coupon&clink=2623737

    It makes it a super sweet deal!

  2. that ON cardi looks super cute. I wonder what it looks like in person

    Happy Valentine's Day!
    Just Better Together


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