Look for Less: J.Crew Jaspé Sequined Slouchy Sweatshirt

I was perusing the Forever 21 website last night, and spotted this sequined slouchy sweatshirt, reminiscent of a similar J.Crew item from last year.

Jaspé Sequined Slouchy Sweatshirt (Sold Out) - J.Crew - $150.00
Sequin Mesh Panel Sweater - Forever 21 - $19.80

Granted, I prefer the monochromatic color scheme of the J.Crew version to the F21 option.

What do you think? Is this a look you would be willing to try? Leave your thoughts below.

PS - Am I the only person who thinks that America's Next Top Model should give their winner's contracts with Forever 21 instead of Covergirl? Notice that model above is Nicole Linkletter, winner of Season 5? Also spotted in their catalog work? Nicole Fox - Cycle 13 winner, Annaleigh Tipton - Cycle 11, Whitney Thompson - Cycle 10 winner. Have you noticed any other contestants affiliated with Forever 21?

And while we are at it... anyone care to leave their thoughts about this season? I am sort of loving Ann, I know, I know, she's awkward. I dig her anyway. Oh and I think I'll go ahead and call Kayla for the win. Leave your thoughts below.


  1. What a great find!

    <3, natasha
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    twenty-something blog

  2. I saw this in person at XXI yesterday. It's really cute. Now I wish I had bought it! :(

  3. Just getting into ANTM after watching the first 2-3 cycles regularly. So glad they cut the anorexic chick first. She looked sick. I really hope Ann wins, but I think she may just look funny walking on the runway. It's nice to know that there's a place for the models at F21, I've always wondered where they end up.

  4. No, I never made any connections about the models on F21. I thought they used whatever models... not contestant winners!

    And I think I like the JCrew one more, but I definitely am more wiling to buy the F21 because of the price.

    Just Better Together

  5. Fo Porter a while ago.


    I like both the sweaters! I didn't know F21 had a catalog, how cool.

  6. I think I like the F21 more actually. The pink is really sweet.


  7. Today when I was at Nordstroms, I saw a little girls shirt look VERY similar to the one from J. Crew. I wish I took a picture of it. I can't find it online =[

    Just Better Together

  8. That is so funny about ANTM! I see a few of them cropping up here and there... this season I like Ann, Chelsea (her cute gap tooth gets me) and Esther... But I think Kayla will win!


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