Reader Review: Wet Seal Basic Flat Boot

I got this reader review from Meghann of Happy Yonder:
I wanted to let you know that I bought the Steve Madden look-a-like boots that you featured awhile back.  They were only about $15 from Wet Seal.  I got the brown color.  They areeh.okay.  The brown looks pretty cheap.  Overall, the fit is perfect (they fit over my calves), they were true to size, and they are really comfy.  That being said, I would advise people to get them in BLACK, which Im sure would look a little less cheap.
Here are the boots Meghann is talking about:

They are sold out, but this very similar option is still available:
Basic Buckle Flat Boot - Wet Seal - $29.50
Did anyone else spring for these boots? Leave your thoughts below.


  1. What a snag, $15. Too bad she thinks they look "cheap" looking.

    Just Better Together

  2. Those look really similar to the Old Navy Silver-Wedge boots.

    Have you heard anything about the fit and quality of the Old Navy version?

  3. This is a really great idea...super helpful. I need black boots like this anyway, and I glad to have a real life review like this. $15 is cheap, I'm happy to have the trendy look for as long as the $15 boot lasts!


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