Look for Less: See by Chloe Sand Suede Wedges

Spotted these sweet little wedges yesterday and just had to share:

See By Chloe Sand Suede Peep Toe Wedges - Bluefly $236.00 (Orig. $295.00)
Velvet Bow Toe Wedge - Charlotte Russe - $24.50

What do you think? Are these something you would wear? Leave your thoughts below.


  1. what an awesome match! i think i even like the charlotte russe ones better...

  2. I think the CR are way cuter, personally. And I love the price! :) I need some nude shoes, yeesh! Love your finds!!

  3. So I don't know if my other comment posted or not...my computer wen't totally bonkers! :) Anyway, I love the shoes (and the price)! And I also need some nude shoes so this was a great find! Thank you!

  4. Whenever you do looks for less I almost always like the inexpensive option better! Holds true for this time too. Thanks!

  5. wow thats an awesome match. must get!... well, the cheaper ones lol

  6. I just wanted to tell you thank you for this post I have been searching for some cute Nude wedge and i just ordered them ;) Your post made my day i was just browsing blogs and found yours ;) am so thrilled


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