Style File: Jena {Family Photo Shoot}

I got an email request last week from Jena,

Hello! This is short notice but my husband and I were asked by a photographer to pose in a pumpkin patch early next week, the 3 of us decided that since no kids would be in the photo we didn't want them too "Halloween" themed but also not too Fall-ish. We decided that a small horizontal black and white stripe, probably on me, would pop nicely against the pumpkins and still get the look we are going for.

My delima, I don't want to look like an inmate or like I am an additional 12 inches wide! I was thinking maybe some kind of layering over a striped T but I've never worn stripes so I don't know! I also thought about a scarf as well. I am clueless about what my husband should wear. Since our backdrop will be green and orange I am unsure about adding another color (I also have red hair!).

ANY help you could give would be amazing and I will send you some photos of how it turned out!

Thank you so much!

God bless,
Jena Leigh

I hope these outfit ideas help you out, Jena!

Fab Classic Stripe Top - Forever 21 - $9.50
Loosely Knit Cardigan - Forever 21 - $13.80
Diva Zip-Pocket Skinny Jeans - Old Navy - $12.99 (Orig. $34.50)
Katy Boot - Alloy - $24.99 (Orig. $49.90)
total: $61.28
Grey-Scale Plaid Flannel Shirt - Forever 21 - $15.90
Boot Cut Jeans  - Old Navy - $29.50
Rio Casual - Payless Shoesource - $25.99
total: $71.38

What do you think of the outfit ideas? Any advice you want to add for Jena's photo shoot? Leave your thoughts below.


  1. Love your picks! I'm a big fan of the different patterns on both. I think they'll compliment each other so nicely!

  2. the jeans are even cheaper if you order them today. 25% off orders at ON. making them like nine and change.

  3. My best friend just did a photo shoot that was quite similar. She had me pick the clothes based on the plaid shirt her son wore. This is how it turned out

  4. These are all good! I don't think color would be a bad thing. Maybe some green? Or even red-ish would look nice. But black and white is sleek and simple and would look great. I think I may need that striped F21 shirt you posted! So awesome. I love stripes! I can't believe she's never used them before

  5. I have that striped shirt in 3/4 sleeves and LOVE it! It's so versatile and flattering. Love all the outfits you put together- great job on this one and can't wait to see how the photos turn out.

  6. As a photographer, I highly encourage my clients to avoid patterns (especially plaid) as well as shirts with bold logos. Busy shirts often draw the focus to the clothes which is not where you want it to go in family portrait. Solid colors photograph nicely and can make the portrait much more timeless.

  7. I agree with the photographer's perspective. If you chose to go with stripes just make sure it's all styled really well because stripes are not always flattering (especially on photographs). The photo shoot mentioned by Chelsea also shows that color can look really nice. I would also look around for earthy colored shirts or sweaters... there might be some really cute options!


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