Pantone Color Forecast Fall 2010 {Lipstick Red + Living Coral}

A few months ago, I started a series to highlight the Pantone fashion color report for this fall {find the full report here}. The report for spring has already been released, but I am resigned to continue living in the moment of the current fall season. Today we are talking about lipstick red + living coral.

Can I tell you how excited I am that coral is in this fall? I am always sad to put away the lively colors of spring to be replaced by the more serious autumn color line up. Here are my color picks:

1 - Naomi Scoop Neck LS - Delia's - $19.40 {2 for $25}
2 - Puff Sleeve Silk Top - Forever 21 - $24.80
3 - Triple Skinny Belt Set - Forever 21 - $7.80
4 - Poppie Jones Selma Satchel - DSW - $34.95 (Orig. $55.00)
5 - Round Toe Pump - Wet Seal - $10.00 (Orig. $24.50)
6 - Jersey Boyfriend Cardigans - Old Navy - $15.00 (Orig. $19.50)

What do you guys think of these colors to come? Will you be jumping on the bandwagon, or standing by? Leave your thoughts below.


  1. I love these colors anyway, especially coral, so it's more like a relief that they're most likely going to be widely available. I love fall and I am SO not ready to be moving on to Spring. Uh-uh.

  2. I really love these colors you chose! Too bad I don't have a real Fall season where I live.

    Just Better Together

  3. How can those heels be only $10 - that is ridiculous! Great find!

    Small Time Style

  4. Love all your picks! Thanks for the color inspiration!

  5. I love those color picks! I could surely use another (third) pair of red heels in my closet. $10 is a steal!

  6. i love these colors too and they seem so natural with greys and browns for fall!


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