Inspired: Kate Spade {Signed Up for a Dance Class}

I love Kate Spade. Everyone loves Kate Spade, right? Her looks are sometimes unattainable because of the luxurious materials she uses. I found this outfit and I fell in love with it.

{$1888 for just 5 pieces}

I found these pieces that I think echo the feel of this outfit:


Satin Big Bow Top - Forever 21 - $22.80
Multi-Strand Beads & Chains Necklace - Forever 21 - $5.80
Firm Denim Skinny Leg Jean - Forever 21 - $15.80
Striped Knee High Socks - Forever 21 - $2.80
Textured Woven Blazer - Forever 21 - $27.80
SOPHY Bag - Aldo - $24.98 (Orig. $40.00)
edit: Pleaser Women's Seduce Pump - Endless - $24.95 {w/ free 2-day shipping}
Total: $124.93

I did have a hard time finding a metallic cropped jacket. If one of you can find a better one, please leave a link in the comments. And I know there is some debate about socks and heels (as discussed on the blog here), but I still think it's a fun and quirky look.

So what do you guys think? Is this something you would wear? Leave your thoughts below.

Happy Shopping!


  1. Who honestly would spend almost $2000 on an outfit?! I can't fathom! Your outfit looks great, in fact I like the shirt better.

  2. I think it's cool that because you couldn't find a metallic jacket, you put some nice sheen into the shirt. I think your outfit is more wearable for the everyday woman! Not to mention more affordable. :)

  3. I'm seriously in love with the original shoes. I think the sock/shoe thing goes better with a closed toe shoe. I haven't seen any blazers like the metallic one either.

  4. Urban Outfitters has the Carin Wester Melody Jacket for $300, which is half the price of the Kate Spade jacket, but still expensive. Spiegel has a metallic Cropped Tweed Jacket for $69, which adds a nice textural element.

  5. Don't think I'm going to go for the stripped sock metallic shoe thing...too Wicket Witch of the East for me. I can only imagine getting hit by a house and my toes curling up while wearing that.

  6. @Teresa- I saw the Spiegel cropped jacket and probably should have used it instead. I just can't bare to spend $70 on um anything. :D

  7. I wear colored striped socks with my tweed flats in winter (with pants) and I think it works. And frankly, it gets cold enough that I don't really care whether or not people think it works.


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