Friday Wishlist: Stripe Sequin Boatneck Tee (in pink)

I bet you are all tired of listening to me faun over sequin stripe shirts, but I just can't help it, really. And today I got an email from J.Crew telling me that they are offering 20% off all womens tees + knits (limited time). So, I just wanted to see what my beloved shirt's price had dropped to. The bad news is that the navy color is completely sold out. The good new is the pink option, which I find quite charming, is now a fairly reasonable price:

Stripe Sequin Boatneck Tee - J.Crew - $39.99 (Orig. $72.00)

What do you guys think? What's your fashion dream lately? Leave your thoughts below.

Happy Shopping.


  1. Oh man, so adorable. I love this shade of pink! {Not to mention stripes & sequins, not to mention this pink and stripes and sequins.} Still, $40 is more than I would prefer spending. I think I'll take a risk and hope it's around long enough to get discounted further.

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  3. So very pretty. I think it's a fresh take on stripes with the pink and sequins.


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