Anthropologie Sale Picks and Free Shipping

Anthropologie is still offering free shipping with an Anthro card. Rumor is that this deal ends in September.

Here are my latest picks:

1 - Pearly Glow Tank - $39.99 (Orig. $68.00) {Reminiscent of Kate Spade's Madeleine Dot Maggie Tank from last fall}
2 - Undercurrent Dress - $69.95 (Orig. $148.00)
3 - Torsade Tee - $29.95 (Orig. $48.00)
4 - Mixed Media Marble Necklace - $19.95 (Orig. $38.00)
5 - Annika Cardigan - $39.95 (Orig. $88.00)
6 - Delicate Winds Cardigan - $39.95 (Orig. $68.00)

So what do you think? Anything worth grabbing with free shipping? Leave a comment.

Happy Shopping.


  1. Lu-UUUU-v the Undercurrent Dress. Awesome vintage-y fabric, lovely style, and great flower accent. Still a bit much for my cheap-o closet, but it really is awesome.

  2. I have 3 of the same items in my virtual cart! I live in Northern Ontario, Canada thus am not near an Anthro store and can only dream of going to the big city to shop :)

  3. Loved the mixed media necklace and the torsade tee!

  4. Cute! I love that green dress! It's so adorable! And you can mix and match it for all seasons.


    p.s. be sure to enter in my giveaway when you get the chance!

  5. i love your blog! you're a girl after my own heart. i'm the big bargain hunter among my friends and family. thanks so much for the comment. i can't wait to hear more about your deals!


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