Friday Wishlist: Ann Taylor Animal Print Silk Shirt

Animal Print is in. I think it's in. Ann Taylor thinks it's in. I am satisfied that it is indeed in. I recently bought a sweet little animal print sleeveless shell off the AT Factory store's clearance rack and I am pretty in love with it.

I saw this top and wanted in instantly. It's fitted, ferocious and fabulously short sleeved. Hooray.

Animal Print Silk Crepe Shirt with Back Zipper - Ann Taylor - $54.60 {with F+F coupon code | FRIENDS} (Orig. $78.00)

What do you guys think of animal print? How about the top? What's your fashion dream this week?

Happy Shopping.

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  1. I don't think I'll ever be able to get behind animal prints. I think they look okay on other people, but I just wouldn't ever wear them.
    It is a trend that keeps coming back time after time, however, so there is something timeless about them if they're done right.

  2. I love animal print. I was all over it this past spring but was too afraid to put on my animal print dress for fear of looking like a middle aged (which I'm not) cougar *rawr* but now I'm feeling brave enough to do it...I also have an animal print three quarter sleeve coat I'm dying to wear!! :)

    Nice blog btw :)

  3. I like this look because it be dignified and shit but got a lil' bit of wild child with that leopard print.

  4. Let's see...what's $78 less 30 per cent? I KNOW you did not pay $78 for that top, no matter HOW perfect it might be.

  5. i absolutely love it. i think it is totally hot and i would feel like a sexy cat wearing it.

  6. @Sue, I totally forgot to subtract the 30% for F+F, oops.

    But I actually didn't buy this top. I bought a pleated silky shell (sleeveless top) in an animal print from the clearance rack ($18) at the AT Factory store. Sorry I didn't make that more clear.

  7. Ooooh I like it! I've got a real thing for silk tees at the moment; they just look so pretty with high waisted skirts! Leopard print is tricky to get right, but I think this could be the one to top it off :D

  8. nice find!! perfect for work too...!!

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  10. I used to avoid animal prints for fear of looking cheesy, but lately I've been liking a lot of the styles coming out in prints. I now own a pair of animal print flats that I really really love. If anyone's not sure about trying out that shirt, that might be a good route to try first. But seriously--what a pretty shirt!


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