Store Spotlight: Tulle

I just found a new store that I wanted to let all of you know about. Tulle offers vintage inspired items at reasonable prices. And they have a killer sale section (all of these things are discounted):

1. Puff Sleeve Button Down Top - $13.20 (Orig. $33.00)
2. Square Cotton Tulip Skirt - $39.00 (Orig. $65.00)
3. Stockinette Pullover Sweater - $37.80 (Orig. $63.00)
4. Picque Belted Jacket - $34.00 (Orig. $85.00)
5. Shoulder Tie Top $28.80 (Orig. $48.00)
6. Solid Cotton Sheen Paper Bag Skirt $21.20 (Orig. $53.00)
7. Banded Keyhole Sweater $26.00 (Orig. $65.00)
8. Puff Sleeve Tee $12.00 (Orig. $20.00)
9. Long Sleeve Front Tab Jacket $28.00 (Orig. $70.00)

Have you all heard of Tulle, shopped there? What do you think of the picks? Leave a comment!

Thanks for reading, and as always,

Happy Shopping!


  1. I've never heard of Tulle before. But thanks for introducing it to me! I'm in love! (And I just MUST add, what great prices!)
    Muah! Have a great day!

  2. I recently discovered Tulle and I *love* it. They have so many cute, modest clothes. I have yet to buy something from them, but I think I will in the very near future.

  3. LOVE TULLE!!!! It's a great site, I found it about a year ago when i did a google search on "Cheap Anthropologie." It was love at 1st site!!!!

  4. Yikes! I hate to be the downer, but I've had some issues with Tulle. First, the shipping took a very, very long time. Second, I wasn't very happy with the quality of the clothes. I ordered 6 pieces and ended up returning 4 and giving the other 2 to a friend. I'd only buy on sale. Good luck!

  5. it's worth pointing out that once a month or so (usually towards the beginning of the month) Tulle has an insanely huge sale, during which items start at $5. I would sign up on their mailing list and wait a little before making any purchases there - I have gotten some killer dresses for $7. personally, I've been way less happy with the items I spent more on ($15 seemed like a bit much for a scratchy sweater dress).

  6. I am excited about their styles. Thanks for the input on ordering from them! I wish they had a brick and mortar store here (they have 3 locations, non of which are in the west). I would love to peruse their racks and get a feel for everything.

    And thanks on the hint on the super sales. I am on their mailing list now and will try to keep everyone posted!

    Thanks for the comments!

  7. very cute. i've never heard of them before, but i'm in love with numbers 6 and 9. where are these mystery locations? any in ohio?

  8. So, I stand totally corrected! They don't have any exclusive locations, they sell their own products online and then sell through other stores everywhere else. There are about 10 stores in my very near location that carry their products {I am very excited about this!}. Though these stores probably sell at a considerable mark up. You could at least get a feel for size and fabric, etc.

    Go to their store locator and enter your zip code. Best of luck!

  9. I actually never bought any of their items, but I live like a block away from a store that carries a lot of their stuff. The prices are very similar to what you see in the website but the sale prices are not as good as online. I have tried to buy items at the store but their small sizes go pretty quickly. I am thinking about getting one of their jackets though. They look so cute.

  10. Wow...this looks great! I'm off to checck them out. Between them and Shabby Apple, I may have my vintage inspired itch scratched!

  11. Thanks for sharing this fashion tips. I've never been introduce with this before. Thanks a lot


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