Look for Less: J.Crew

I have another look for less today. I got my new J.Crew catalog this weekend, and this look automatically jumped off the page. Of course it rings in at $392.50 {and that doesn't even include shoes!}:

Here's my look for less (for just under $100):

Printed Dress - Newport News - $29.99 (orig. $35.00)
Cardigan - New York and Co. - $14.78 (orig. $36.95)
Jersey Scarf - Old Navy - $7.00 (orig. $10.00)
Colossal Zippered Handbag - Forever 21 - $22.80

Because they don't show shoes and we are on the cusp of a season change, I thought of two options. While it is still warm outside this sweet little flats ($18.80 - Forever 21) will do the trick. As soon as frost starts appearing on the windshield, throw on some tights and the flat brown boots ($24.99 - AMI Clubwear) to stay warm and fashionable.

What do you all think? Leave a comment!

Thanks for reading, and as always,

Happy Shopping!


  1. Love the look, love the new blog header, and love you!

  2. It is kind of fabulous, isn't it? I heart you to Miss K!

  3. Love it. I especially love the dress..... And love the new blog makeouver too! ;)

  4. lovin' those boots. and the new blog header is pretty awesome too. :)

  5. Nice alternatives. the dress looks great!

  6. Love it. I especially love the dress..... And love the new blog makeouver too!

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  7. That dress is so unique - great find!


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