Friday Wishlist: Carbon Schoolboy Blazer

I need a blazer. An amazing blazer that fits me like a tailor made it especially for me. I am on the hunt. And this may need to be a substantial purchase for me (something I shy away from). Anyway, I found this little number:

Heather Carbon Schoolboy Blazer - $188 from where else? J.Crew

Do you guys have a blazer? Where did you get yours? Leave a comment!

Thanks so much for reading,

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


  1. ahhh love this ! i definitely agree i think i need to splurge and buy a blazer - they make every outfit looked a little more dressed up! the jcrew one is one of my favorites ! i recently did a post on blazers and have a few other options - you should check it out !

  2. i love blazers so i have a few, but my favorite is from ann taylor loft. it's tuxedoesque and beautiful!

  3. I have a couple of blazers because I so like the idea of them, but in actuality I feel funny when I actually wear them so I hardly do. I found a really cool blazer at the DI I bought a few weeks ago, but I don't know when I'm going to wear it... we'll see if my $4 gets it's money worth :) I can't wait to see the one you end up with! Maybe you will inspire me (like usual) to wear mine!

  4. I have two blazers right now and I got both of them at thrift stores. I love them!! I just wish I could find them in more brighter and different colors. they are black and blue. there are a lot of boys jackets at thrift stores too that we could fit into as well.... :)

  5. You can never go wrong with a J. Crew blazer. Very cute choice!

  6. Seriously, I've found my fav blazers at thrift stores. I have maybe a dozen blazers and the ones I keep are all thrift store finds! :)

  7. also find my blazers/ jackets at thrift shops.

    i keep a mental "need to get" list..... if the blazer's on yours, keep your eyes open and one will pop up that's just right por vous!


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