Friday Wishlist: Canvas Pencil Skirt

I often see things online that I love but could not, would not ever pay for. I never share these things because I am supposed to be sharing my budget finds with you all, but I think once a week I am going to share some of my dream clothing items (you know the ones I actually dream about someday obtaining and wearing every single day).

This week I am sharing this incredible pencil skirt from my new favorite store Tulle.
Denim Canvas Pencil Skirt - $70.00

How amazing is it? Now, I am partial to pencil skirts, because frankly my figure and pencil skirts are best friends. But the pleating, buttons, and zipper in the back are ridiculously incredible. I must be watching too much Mad Men, and envying Joan Holloway's insane body and perfectly 60's style. I just have mod on the brain.

What do you all think? Do you have dream lists of things you could never afford? What's first on your list? Leave a comment!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. What a fab find?!? I'm a pencil skirt lover too - I always feel so classic & sophisticated whenever I incorporate them into a special ensemble!

    I actually purchased the most AMAZING green winter coat last year frm Tulle & thought it was a totally Uber Chic find at $98 - for a knee-length, lined lady coat :-) It's perfect & I always get so many compliments on it... can't wait for the cooler weather now!

    New fan & folower,

    Arlynn from Fleur de Licious

  2. I love the wishlist post! Sometimes it helps to share what we love, even if we can't have it. And I *love* pencil skirts, especially high-waisted ones.

  3. i'm a huge pencil skirt fan, and i like this one. love the pleating, the high waist, and the buttons, but i'm hating that zipper on the back. it just looks to home-ec projecty to me.

  4. Mad Men was the first thing I thought of when I saw that...I too am inspired by the fashion on that show hah!

  5. I love your new Title Madeline. It is so freaking cute! It is perfect :)

  6. I love the wishlist post! Sometimes it helps to share what we love, even if we can't have it.

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  7. Wow!! This skirt is looking really wonderful!! I like to wear pencil skirts...


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