Reader Request: Katie Home's Dress

I got this request from Danielle yesterday,

I love your blog!

I was wondering: can you or your readers help me track down a cheaper version of the Ralph Lauren dress Katie Holmes is wearing here?

Thank you!

Your devoted reader,
Danielle K.

I can see why Danielle likes this dress so much. The color and cut are both spot on. I spied this dress at Old Navy and think it has a similar (if more casual) feel:

Striped Drop-Waist Dress - Old Navy - $29.94

EDIT: After reader, Courtney, left a comment about a Delia's dress, Danielle herself spotted this fantastic find: 
Vintage Eyelet Dress - Delia's - $44.50

What do you think? Is this dress a decent match? Have you seen anything similar to Katie Holme's dress? Leave your thoughts below.


  1. this looks like one of those dresses i could wear daily. <3

  2. Another similar dress from Delia's:

    It might be a bit short for some of your readers. I'm 5'5" and it hits me a couple inches above the knee. Love your blog!

  3. Thanks so much for answering my question!

    Based on what Courtney found, I also found this one which seems similar at Delia's:

    I'm pretty short but I usually like to wear dresses that cover my knees (modesty) so I am going to keep looking. I think these styles would look great with a tissue thin long sleeved t-shirt under or a cardi over!

    Thanks again!

  4. the delia's one is perfect! i wonder how long it is indeed?

  5. I love the Old Navy dress...I'm a simple kinda gal.

  6. The second dress feels more versatile to me, dress it up or down. Plus the fitted waist is more flattering on anyone with a figure.

    Speaking of dressed down, didn't Katie wear this to the premiere of her Jackie O movie? Very... casual choice, Katie.

  7. The second dress is beautiful!!

  8. I bought a dress and shirt from Delias and used the code DCCGIFT to get $20 off my $50 purchase. I loved the color of the items I bought but the dress was too sheer and the shirt was ripped so I'm returning. I think the code can still be used.

    Complex Cardigans

  9. or this

  10. I don't like the one that Katie was wearing but I LOVE the vintage eyelet one that Danielle found!

  11. I love the Delia's dress. (For me eyelet almost always = love.) I also found this one at Modcloth:

    It's a kinda similar style to Katie's. No buttons though.

  12. Another one:


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