Blanqi Bodystyler Review

The ladies at Blanqi were kind enough to send me one of their maternity under bust support tanks. I am head over heels for it. And this is my very first video review:

Can you tell my husband did the filming? The extended zoom into my bust should be your first clue. ;)

Here are a few highlights:

This really is my favorite maternity product - ever.

Make sure to check out their product:

PS - I have to give a shout out to my brother in law, Mike, who let me borrow his video camera, imported the video, and sent me the embeddable link. I honestly couldn't have done this post without him.


  1. Hahaha, I love that your husband just kept zooming in and zooming out. I think all husbands are the same, because I guarantee mine would do the exact same thing! :) And that is such a cool tank! I think for the next pregnancy I will have to invest in one of those for sure!

  2. Wishing I could get pregnant again, just to try it out!

  3. You are adorable, it is fun to hear you live in action ;) That tank looks awesome! I have yet to be pregnant, but I am going to keep this bookmarked for future reference :)

  4. Your belly is so cute! Thanks for the review, it's nice to hear what works!

  5. I loved these sort of products when I was pregnant. However, I did learn from my midwife that all these tight "support" products shouldn't be worn in the third trimester because they keep the baby from descending properly into the pelvis. So, if you don't want to be pregnant forever... :) Just kidding, but it is something to be aware of.

  6. oh my gosh that zoom in made me laugh and you totally sold me on it. i want one and i'm not even pregnant!

  7. i am so bummed that i didn't see this review when i was pregnant and considering blanqi. good review! i definitely wouldve bought one.


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