Reader Request: Anthropologie Good For The Sole Heels

I got this request from Julia this week,

I love a certain pair of Anthro shoes and wonder if you might be able to find a cheaper alternative? And what sort of outfit might you wear these with?

Good For The Sole Heels - Anthropologie - $78.00

I didn't find any exact look-a-likes, but I did find a few different options that I think are contenders.

1 - Suedette Buckle Strap Heels - Forever 21 - $25.80
2 - Qupid Womens Finella-223 - $32.00 (Orig. $44.97)
3 - Elastic Wrap Platform Shoe - Rare Fashion - £20.00 (Orig. £69.00)
4 - Koffee Banded Shootie - Payless - $26.99

I think my favorites are 2 + 4. Which option is your favorite?

And, I am going to open the second question to you guys, what sort of outfit might you wear these with? Leave your ideas below.


  1. LOVE your blog & looking forward to your tips!
    new follower.

  2. I really like number three. I'd pair them with a knee length skirt (either a pencil skirt or a more full skirt) or knee length dress in summery colors.

  3. simple with boyfriend jeans and a tank- let the shoes shine ; )

  4. I'd go with dark skinnies and a flowy, neutral blouse. Much this outfit:

  5. These skinny jeans for only $10.50.

    With this shirt in light pink:

    With this flower:

    Very cute shoes!!


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