Weekend Round-Up

This weekend there are so many sales going on I couldn't not tell you about them:

First, J.Crew hit me with this email this morning. J.Crew rarely offers 40% off (I usually get excited about 30% off), so make sure to hit this sale up!

Check out: {Wool Minnie Pant, Lace Tee, Merino Chiffon-Placket Cardigan}


Next, both Ann Taylor + the LOFT are also offering 40% of your entire purchase:

Check out: {Foiled Printed Cardigan, Drape Neck Tee, Scuba Seamed Pants}


And lastly Old Navy is offering an additional 40% off their sale section - these are major discounts!

Check out: {Skinny Cords, Striped Boat Neck Tee, Lightweight Ruffle-Trim Tops}

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend full of ridiculously good deals!


  1. Thanks for the links! This could be dangerous...

  2. I finally succumbed to the Crew's allure and ordered some new pieces...but I couldn't resist the 40% off and free shipping!

  3. thnks so much!


  4. I ran right over to Old Navy on Friday when I saw the email. Got the yellow boat stripe T for just a few bucks! Thanks for the tips!

  5. Madeline,
    My name is Bianca and I'm friends with Kenna. I think I even met you at a Lia Shopia party she had. Kenna told me about your blog and I have loved looking at your fabulous style ideas and bargains. I know Valentine's Day is a ways away but I was wondering if you had any ideas for a perfect, fun, V-Day outfit! Thanks a ton!

  6. It's great that you shared these sales! I wanted to share them but I just started my "fashion blog" and have ZERO followers, so it might not have done any good... ha! Oh and I finally splurged on J. Crew and got $720 worth for $120! Very excited :)
    Also, you've got a new follower!


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