Reader Request: Skinny Trousers

I received this request from Rebecca earlier this week,

Hello! So I have been looking everywhere for skinny black pants that I can wear to work. I keep finding ones that are either super trouser/bootleg style, or total leggings.. making them way to tight around the ankle and squeeze my butt shape, lol.. making them not so work appropriate.

I am just looking for SLIM black pants (fit like nice skinny jeans but not the same material). Any help or ideas?

I know that the Ann Taylor brands have wonderful options, but they tend to run on the pricey side. So, I went back to one of my standard brands, Old Navy. They have at least 3 great options for under $35.

Women's Skinny Cropped Pants - $34.50
Skinny Cropped Perfect Khakis - $12.97 (Orig. $29.50)
Skinny Ankle-Zip Trousers - $29.50 (I have these in olive, and really like them)

Also, as a side note, I am sort of obsessed with these pants:

Essential Cropped Trousers - $9.47 (Orig. $32.50)

These could be awesome or awful, and it probably depends on your body type. But I am lusting after them either way.

Do you have any tips for finding slim trousers, or have a thought to share on the options I have posted? Leave your thoughts below.


  1. I found a really great pair at Target last year. They were long but I had them hemmed to fit my short legs. They were made from a dress pant material and don't have a low-rise waist. I have never seen them again but you might try eBay for them!

  2. Oh my goodness!!! I have been looking for an alternative to JCrew's pricey Minnie pants, and I think these are it. I really like the Skinny Ankle Zip trousers. How is the sizing on them? I am normally a size 4 in JCrew's stretch pants, but I have always found ON to run a little small. I am just wondering if these do too. I am just a little obsessed myself with that last pair or pants since you posted them. I would try them out--for less than $10 you can't go wrong. If they don't work, you can donate them or ebay them. As always, I love your blog.

  3. @Rachel, the sizing at old navy is generally a bit smaller than J.Crew. If you wear a J.Crew 4, I would guess you are an Old Navy 2.

    The only reason I am holding back on those pants is because I am 5 months pregnant. So, I won't know if they fit for 6 months or so!

  4. I bought some skinny black pants at Target (Mossimo brand) just before Christmas, and liked them so much that I went back and bought a gray pair. (They're now on sale for $12.58 at my local Target!)

  5. I have the Old Navy skinny ankle zip ones. I love them. And I got them for $11!

  6. I second the Laura's Target suggestion. I bought the same Mossimo skinny trousers, but unfortunately size 2 is the smallest they go, and those had a saggy crotch on me, so I had to return them. I was so sad because they were really cute, the fabric was thick and stretchy, but not skin tight, so they were really flattering (except the saggy crotch). I just saw them the other day at my Target on clearance.

  7. Oh! Thanks for sharing! I thought about getting a pair of black skinny trousers that hit about ankle length, but every time I try on a pair, I guess they're ill fitting and makes me look fat and stumpy.

    Just Better Together

  8. Thanks - I have been looking for these too! I will have to try Target like the comments suggest too.

    Sarah at Classroom Chic

  9. Wow! I don't check your blog for a while and you have all these sponsors and you are having a baby. Congrats! What are you guys up to? Where are you guys? Anyhow I feel I should leave a comment related to the skinny trouser. Good idea maybe I will check out my local target :)

  10. Love these pants!!

  11. What shoes would you wear with these trousers?

  12. @Kara, I would probably wear them with kitten heels. I have a champagne colored pair that would work really well.


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