Spied: Paintstroke Flowers Dress

I love me some Forever 21. The sheer size of their inventory is something to marvel at. One of my favorite sections at Forever 21 is the Fabulous Finds. I don't think there is an item over $20 - fabulous indeed. I spotted this dress and thought it was pretty, although let me specify that I do not condone anyone wearing this little number as a dress, it's length is definitely in tunic territory as far as I am concerned. In fact, while we are on the subject, every dress at Forever 21 seems to fall into the tunic category, even the maternity dresses, which is completely nonsensical - in my humble opinion. Anyway, on to the dress/tunic:

Paintstroke Flowers Dress - Forever 21 - $15.50

What do you think? Is it something you would wear? Leave your thoughts below.


  1. LOVE that. It would look great with my dark jean leggings. I really need to get my booty over to F21. I haven't been in ages.

    Freckles in April

  2. I agree! I pick up these "dresses" and wonder if this is what it feels like if you were a giant shopping in a normal store. haha. EVERYTHING requires leggings. unless its maxi! HA!

    The Weekend File

  3. that reminds me of the first time i bought clothes from forever 21--a couple of cute, cheap dresses. when they came, they were clearly not dresses, or they were made for someone two feet shorter than me. i tossed them into my little sisters closet and resolved to pay more attention when i buy online.

  4. So cute {and easy to wear with a bump}! Just today I was online-browsing through the maternity section at Asos, and thought, "Geez, I just want to show off that I'm pregnant, not how I got pregnant." Ridiculous.

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. I just did a F21 order yesterday :( Oh well. Way cute top!

  6. I think I'd wear this in the summer, but then there are sleeves. I am not sure. I want pieces I can wear all year long or maybe at least 2 seasons a year

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  7. Yep, I'd wear it, probably unbelted with a slouchy beanie and the skinniest jeans I've got. I also think it would work great as a maternity tunic, something to hide the early baby bump, then show it off when it gets big and awesome. =) As a maternity top, I really like how it's a nod to a floral print without being "precious," if you know what I mean. It seems like the maternity clothes my mom wore were all covered in tiny pink blossoms - not my favorite.

  8. oh yes. I would wear this...maybe with my dark denim jeggings, a medium length/chunky necklace, my hair swept back, big gold hoops, and a pair of cute flats. Love the print too!

  9. I bought it 3 weeks ago. I fell in love and can't wait until the weather warms up a bit to throw it on!


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