Inspired: Kate Spade {word of the day}

I haven't done an expensive outfit for less in a ridiculously long time. I saw this Kate Spade outfit and thought it was fabulous.

Here is my budget version:

Houndstooth Flat - Spiegel - $24.99
Faux Fur Cheetah Coat - Forever 21 - $34.80
Racerback Chain Strap Silk Tank Top - Nordstrom - $39.97 (Orig. $98.00)
Classic 5-Pocket Skinny Jeans - Forever 21 - $9.50
Nylon Puffer Tote - Gap - $14.99 (Orig. $29.50)
total: $124.25

I was really disappointed when I couldn't find a budget version of that typewriter tote. C'est la vie. What do you think of the look? Is is something you would wear? Leave your thoughts below.


  1. I'm not surprised you had trouble finding a version of this bag, I've never seen anything like it!

    I would definitely wear this look. Its adorable, and I love pops of red in an outfit.

  2. Very cute!! I would wear this!


  3. I would definitely wear this but I'd probably search for an animal print fabric instead of relying on faux fur. I don't know why but I don't love most faux fur.

  4. I would wear this, but I like the idea of an animal print cardi rather than this faux. Even the Kate Spade faux looks a little tacky to me. But that's just me. Great job and finding a bargain version! Love it:)

  5. I like it but this is probably something that I wouldn't wear. I don't care for faux fur. I like the idea of wearing a cardigan instead though.

    Meow & Mwah

  6. That is fabulous!!! I bet it won;t be long before someone knocks off that typewriter tote. It is too cute!!

  7. This is so cute! And the jeans...I may be having to look into those. =D I love the typewriter tote - can't wait for someone to make a cheap version! This outfit is soooooo cute. omg. Ahh! I can't get over it. haha. I guess i'll quite gushing about it's amazingness. =D


  8. I love this look! Gotta love a good bargain!


  9. ooo love love that tank! xoxo jcd

  10. Wow I am thrilled to have found your blog! Love the outfit and what a bargain.


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