Store Spotlight: Causeway Mall

I was reading It's Simple Love last week, and she mentioned an Asian wholesale clothing store with finds for a steal. I had to check it out for myself. Here are my favorite finds:

1 - Laces Zipper Jacket - White - $6.64
2 - Butterfly Sleeves Chiffon Blouse - $7.47
3 - Chrysanthemum Hairband - Pink - $1.10
4 - V-Neck Knitted Cotton Blouse - Violet - $7.75
5 - Hooked Floral Collar Chiffon Blouse - $8.03
6 - Pleated Collar Cotton Tee - $7.30

Make sure to check out Causeway Mall.

What do you guys think? Leave a comment!

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  1. So cute! I will check it out myself! Thanks

  2. They only come in one size though - and I am NOT that size. Still, adorable!

  3. Cute and cheap stuff, but you have to order $100 worth of stuff and then pay $46-70 in shipping. Not so much of a deal in the long run unless a bunch of people go in on the order together.

  4. Super cute, but the shipping is $46 to USA & you need to purchase a minimum of $100. Ouch.

  5. Very cute but they come mostly in one size . This is what they say about their sizes in the FAQ,
    "90% of our clothes are in One Size. Other sizable clothes are sized at Asian Small / Medium / Large.
    Most of our apparel styles have considerable stretch and are form-fitting and are worn with a tight fit. At this time, we dont carry special sizes. Most of our clothings are tailored for junior to petite adult women (alike the models at photos)."

    and you have to order $100 worth and shipping. :(

  6. I got so excited about the prices, I didn't really look into the ordering procedure. Bummer!

  7. Yeah I had a great experience with causeway mall as well.
    Shipping cost me $50, but I wouldn't of been able to get as many clothes as I did for such a low price. My review can be See here:


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