Outfit Under 100 (Red White + Bicycle)

When I tell you that I have been stalking this skirt from Talbots for months, I am not exaggerating. I think the bikes are so quirky and fun, and shall I say it, anthro-esque {remember this bike-about outfit?} When I saw that my beloved skirt had finally dropped into what I deem to be "reasonable range", I absolutely had to build an outfit around it. I love the idea of wearing this skirt on the fourth.

Bicycle Embroidered Skirt - Talbots - $33.99 (Orig. $69.50)
Casual Scoop Neck Tee - Forever 21 - $2.50
Crimson Red Handmade Asymmetrical Necklace - TattieTats etsy shop - $17.99
Braided Leather Sandals - Forever 21 - $16.80
TOTAL: $71.28

What do you guys think of the bicycle skirt? Do you know what you are wearing for the weekend festivities? Leave a comment!

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Happy Shopping!


  1. I love the bicycle skirt!!! It is so anthropologie-esque and at a much lower price point.

  2. Love this, especially the sandals!

  3. I like that skirt! I also noticed that they have a version with little dachshunds on it and I have a dog like that. So cute!

  4. Oh my lord.... I am drooooooooling over this skirt!!!! HOW CUTE!

  5. I splurged on the Anthro two-wheeler shirt dress that is much like that skirt, so you know I love this outfit. I actually bought yellow flats from Target to wear with the dress and needed a belt idea. I'm going to try something red and see if it works.

  6. This is a miss for me..the print is way too tiny and I really hate that there is a zip in the front.. that's a terribly unflattering design and I found out the hard way with a black AX skirt. That zip kills it.

  7. @drops of jupiter - are you saying that there is a zipper in the front of this skirt? because i really don't think that is the case. but the print is small to be sure.

  8. LOOOOVE those shoess! i think i might just have to go buy me a pair!

  9. I love the skirt.... the price is now 24....


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