Look for Less: Anthropologie Climbing Cowlneck

So, this look for less isn't really all that much less expensive. I should have called this post, "another option for almost the same price". But, It's such a dead ringer I wanted to tell you all about it.

Climbing Cowlneck - Anthropologie - $29.99 (Orig. $48.00)
Pleated Pintuck Tank - Go Jane - $27.90

If you don't want to spend the $30, you can use this spot on climbing cowlneck DIY that Emily sent me. If I ever get a day with my sewing machine, I am all over this.

As if all that babbling weren't enough, I did want to tell you that I did try on the climbing cowlneck while I was shopping with Jackie. To my dismay, here's my review. The neck was really open, like flash the world when you move open. Also, the arms were really closer to a sleeveless shirt than the pictures appeared to me. With a sigh I put it back on the rack (and walked home with a few other things I scored on super clearance to mend my broken heart).

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Happy Shopping.


  1. Yeah... that shirt fit a lot differently than what it looks like on the mannequin. Bummer.

    Love that floral cardigan in your previous post, though.

  2. I hope you make this shirt! It's so pretty and then you'll have the sleeves just the way you want them. :)

  3. having purchased, luckily in sale, the anthropologie version of this shirt, i have to add to your useful post that it washes orribly bad (the color took a greyish undetone, and it was handwashed!) and it's a nightmare to iron.
    i bought it for a wedding and even if the styling in the shop was amazing, the material is so flimsy, and it's basically sleeveless on the back...so disppointed! after 2 wears, it looks almost too cheap for groceries shopping.
    thanks for your posts, i live in europe so some of the retailers you name are off for me, but still enjoy reading you!

  4. Psstttt....it's now on sale for $9.95!!

  5. I just bought the Go Jane version. It's a little longer than then anthro one. It's also narrower in the shoulders and not as low cut. So I don't have the slipping-off-me issue that I have with my anthro tee. the Small fits the same as the anthro XS.

  6. @ Nataliya - Thanks for the GoJane review!


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