Friday Wishlist: Anthropologie Fountain Overflowing Tee

Apparently, I am drinking the Anthropologie kool aid lately. I love almost everything they have in stock right now. Like I mentioned last week, I received the July Anthro catalog, and it is love at every turn. This was another things that made me stop and stare:

Fountain Overflowing Tee - $68

How great is that floral print, and the cowl neck? I luuuurve it.

What do you guys think of this tee? What's your fashion dream this week?

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Happy Shopping!


  1. I love the color palette of that top! Anthro designers always do SUCH a great job grouping colors in new and unexpected ways. Love that! But cowl necks and short sleeves are not a combination that I am that fond of.

  2. I love the soft romantic print & colors. But I have to agree with rebecca, i'm sortof wishing the sleeves were a 3/4 sleeve, maybe 3/4 bell sleeve.
    I just posted about about Anthropologie on my own new blog - my Anthro post is specifically about my dreamy post-pregnancy wishlist...check it out...and feel free to leave blogging tips too!

  3. It is on my wish list. I am so in love with top.

  4. that shirt is beautiful. and it would look awesome under a cardi this fall!

  5. I love everything about that top. The cut, the color, the neck line. I think that has just taken the number one spot on my wishlist.

  6. Oh, you've got me drooling. This top is so pretty - like a beautiful painting transformed into a tee!

  7. I love the cut of the top and its design. It's abit to colourful for me but hey it spring hence it perfect with a pair of plain jeans shorts.

  8. The only thing better than the clothes is going in the store. They opened one kind of near me. I've been seriously jonesing for a visit. It smells so good in there!!!


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