Turning One

I can't believe I have been writing this blog for a year. It boggles the mind.

If you are feeling nostalgic, you can read my very first post here. It makes me giggle to think I am encouraging you to read my amateur work, and I am so tempted to go edit the post, but I think I'll leave it in place... for posterity's sake.

{via we heart it}

Have a piece of cake, or pie, or a cookie if you can find one. Man, I want a cookie right now.



  1. happy blog-aversary. i stopped counting at a year....

  2. Happy One Year...I've only been reading for a few months, but I've really enjoyed it!

  3. yay! congrats. your first post is just fine, don't know what you're talking about! I think I'll go have some cookies now. Thanks for giving me an excuse. ;)



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